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Spring Dew


Series Features: For indoor or outdoor use. Cushioned resin wicker modular seating. 6 throw pillows included with 7 piece sectional set. (2 pillows with P453-077 and 4 with P453-877.) To order 7 piece sectional set, order P453/077/846/877. 2 throw pillows included with curved corner chair P453-851. Cocktail table has wood look resin top. Welded rust free aluminum frames. High performance Nuvella fabric. Collection includes a variety of modular seating options. Also available in Brown under Spring Ridge. Corners: 34” W x 33”D x 26”H. Square ottoman: 30” W x 30”D x 17”H. Cocktail table: 30”W x 30”D x 17”H.


Items in Spring Dew Series:
Item Description Dimension
P453-077 TBL/Corner/OTTO w/CUSH (3/CN) 29.75” W x 29.75” D x 16.50” H
755.65mm W x 755.65mm D x 419.10mm H

P453-814 Ottoman with Cushion 43.00” W x 43.00” D x 18.75” H
1092.20mm W x 1092.20mm D x 476.25mm H

P453-820 Lounge Chair w/Cushion (1/CN) 39.25” W x 34.25” D x 32.00” H
996.95mm W x 869.95mm D x 812.80mm H

P453-846 Armless Chair w/Cushion (2/CN) 29.50” W x 34.00” D x 31.50” H
749.30mm W x 863.60mm D x 800.10mm H

P453-851 Curved Corner Chair w/Cushion 86.75” W x 34.00” D x 25.38” H
2203.45mm W x 863.60mm D x 644.65mm H

P453-853 Console With Drink Holders 13.75” W x 33.75” D x 21.38” H
349.25mm W x 857.25mm D x 543.05mm H

P453-877 Corner with Cushion (2/CN) 34.00” W x 34.00” D x 32.25” H
863.60mm W x 863.60mm D x 819.15mm H

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