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At Italian Furniture Warehouse, our mission is to continuously evolve in products base, price and service options so that we can always bring the best to you. In 1997,  with merely a few hundred dollars to his name, my father uprooted our family and made a courageous decision to emigrate to the United States in order to pursue a better life for my mother, my sister and myself. He didn't speak English, but fortunately he was able to drive a truck and deliver furniture. His focus, determination and humility were the three keys that allowed him to transform his skills into a passion for Italian Furniture design. The demand for Italian Furniture was high in 2000 when he first founded the company, and while his competitors were marking up their prices over 150%, he worked alone, made minimal profits, and made the best out of his opportunity in order for us to live comfortably. 

The devastating aftermath of the horrific Sandy storm, was felt by the entire community and even though he lost everything he had in the store from the 5-feet flooding in the warehouse, he, along with other business owners in the area continued supporting the locale with donations and wholesale prices.  I saw how much he struggled, and never lost hope; I helped as much as I could but there was only so much a 16 year old kid could do for him at the time. The obstacles he constantly overcomes on a daily basis for our family and for our community, is admirable. I may have been to young or naive at the time to realize what kind of a strong man my father was dealing with a major loss of his business, and the burden he must have felt at the time constantly putting everyone before himself but it clearly left a huge imprint that I can't ever forget.  It taught me that kindness, generosity, and humility is far more valuable than money, a title, or fame. This is why I hope to succesfully build an easy to use, fully stocked, actual functioning website for him and for our customers by the start of the summer. We will keep providing unbeatable prices, personal service and integrity.  

After we got back into the swing of things, we started carrying much less Italian Furniture in our showroom and more patio and outdoor stock.  However, the question constantly gets asked why the name Italian Furniture Warehouse  remains and the answer to that is because it remains a household name in our community. The brand name represents how a local small business doesn't have to get too greedy and can remain humble; because in return it helped us stay open and keep a loyal customer base. We are aware that it is getting harder every day to compete with the big chain department furniture stores, and that we are not Amazon or Wayfair.  Unfortunately local small furniture businesses close down every year in Nassau, however we are a small shop that will remain open, because we know at the end of the day we have the support of our community and they can vouch that we have offer a lot more than any of the big box stores.   

We are proud to be among Nassau County's leaders in home and small business furnishings, offering more than quality furniture at affordable retail value. We are a neighborhood store and our main partner is our community.  With this in mind, we are dedicated to building bridges of solid customer relations, offering courteous dependable and reliable service and supporting our locale through discounted programs.

Whether you are looking for Baroque-style bedroom or a contemporary live-and-play space for your modern city loft, Italian Furniture Warehouse offers a wide variety of options at everyday unbeatable prices within the convenience of a courteous in-house service and hopefully soon enough through a click of a mouse.